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  • How to send your picture to competitions

    March 14, 2017by Talking

    How to send your picture to competitions

    Please follow the following steps to participate in the competitions.


    1- Go to


    2- On the top right side of the page you will find " Create New Account" option, Click that and register with basic information to create your talking Clicks account




    3- After creating account, Login to it and you will find yourself on a page which is called your Dashboard.



    4- Here you can see on left side  "Add New Images for Sale"  click this and fill all fields to upload picture. It will upload pictures and ask you for price. Price is in US $. Write price only in number (Digit) Only. Remember ONE Keyword is must so do enter atleast one keyword or select from the list given.




    Once picture is uploaded it will bring directly to your images gallary or otherwise you can also click left side of your dashboard at " My Images" option to see uploaded image.

    When you are in my images, you will find all your images and on each image there  is a separate button " Add to Competition". you need to click this button to send your image for competitions.


    It will open the list of two competitions you have to check boxes to send your pictures through this button.



    Here you can choose to send your picture to one competition or both. You can send only one picture to one competition. If you want to send the same picture to both competitions you can do that and also can send two different pictures one each to both competitions.


    If you have any problem in opening an account kindly see tutorial video at our website.



    I have written procedure with petty details it seems lengthy and long but when you sit to do this it's very simple if you follow above steps.


    If you feel any problem contact me I will further guide you.

    Thanks and best of luck


    NOTE:  Please do read Terms and Conditions of Competitions before entering into competitions.

    Link to terms and conditions is as follows:



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